How Much Should You Pay Your Virtual Assistant?

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Pay virtual assistants peanuts, and you’ll get monkeys. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true. Still, if you hand over more than two weeks of virtual tasks to a stranger, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll take shortcuts that leave your business shattered into its component atoms. Just like hiring in-house staff, VAs are people and need to be appropriately paid. And how much precisely is ‘properly’? Several factors go into this equation:


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When outsourcing work to a VA, the geographic location of your VA will directly impact the salary you should pay. Generally speaking, VAs in developed countries like the United States or Canada are more expensive than those in developing nations like the Philippines.

However, as outsourcing technology continues to advance, this gap is narrowing. Ask if you’re unsure what constitutes a fair wage for your VA’s home country! The internet is full of forums where people post jobs and get advice on how much to charge. Otherwise, try a couple of different numbers until someone agrees to work with you.


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It would be best if you always asked how much experience your VA has before you quote a price. You don’t want to pay someone who has never done your tasks before, but you also don’t want to pay someone who will cost an arm and a leg because they are so experienced.

How much experience your VA has will affect the price of its services. The more experience your VA has, the more you can expect to pay. However, this is not a hard and fast rule; some VAs have a lot of experience but are willing to work for less because they’re starting a new business or need extra cash. It’s best to ask how much experience they have before quoting a price so that you know whether or not it’s reasonable.

If you’re hiring someone without experience, consider paying them less than someone who has been doing it for years. However, if they have skills in another field, such as coding or web design, consider paying them more because they’ll save you time by doing these tasks themselves rather than hiring someone else to do them for you.

Job Type

Project based work

You can pay your VA by the hour, the project or even a combination of both.

If you’re using a VA for simple tasks, like answering emails or creating social media posts, then it’s probably best to use an hourly rate. This way, you know exactly how much you spend on each task and can budget accordingly.

However, a fixed price might suit your needs if you want your VA to do more complicated work, like website creation. This way, you don’t have to worry about paying extra if something takes longer than expected!

Time Frame

Very tired Virtual Assistant

The time frame for the job is also a factor that should be considered when quoting a price. If you want something done in just a few hours, then it’s fair to pay less than if you need it done over two weeks or more.

The same goes for the complexity of the project. Suppose you’re looking for a simple service like essential social media management or keyword research. In that case, you will pay less than if you want a more elaborate project like copywriting or video production.

The more work involved, the more expensive your quote should be.


Angry person - too many tasks

The VA’s personality should also be considered when quoting a price. You may want someone who is outgoing and easy-going or prefers someone more serious or professional. The right personality can make all the difference in getting work done efficiently!

If you are not sure of what type of personality you need, there are some ways you can get an idea before committing to one.

You can ask for references from previous clients, read reviews online, and even talk to other VAs that work with your VA. You can also ask them if they have any experience in your industry or if they would be willing to learn about it.

Ironbrij uses a personality-matching technique with Handwriting Analysis to help you find the perfect Virtual Assistant.

Takeaway: Think before you make an offer, and take the time to identify what needs to be done and how much you have to pay.

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